For children aged 8 to 14 who participate in youth speedskating and are a member of a speedskating club, we have a lease plan.
After all, children’s feet grow quickly and yearly buying new skates is an expensive affair.
Through our lease plan you rent a pair of speedskates for the season.
We use thermoplastic speedskating boots so the boots perfectly fit the feet.
There can be mounted both a solid skate or a clap skate.
We provide a good camber in the blades and we sharpen and polish as well.



You can make an appointment with us for your son or daughter who wants to participate this season in youth speedskating.
We first fit boots accurately to determine the correct size thermoplastic speedskating boots, subsequently the boots go in a oven for about 15 minutes.
Then the heated boots are put on and we pull the boots vacuum until they have cooled down.
In this way, the shoes offer optimum support without causing pressure spots.

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