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Evo Adore Kids

A good quality speedskate for youth skaters (competition) with aspirations.
The boot offers children proper support of the feet by the thermoplastic heel, which is the basis for a good position on the skates
and hence a good skating technique. A good boot does not have to be expensive!
By a special arcuate recess along the length of the aluminum skate tube,
the chrome steel blade remains flexible, allowing the skate to steer nicely and technical aspects
as downward motion  and steering of the skate for everyone to be feasible.
Chrome steel has the advantage that it does not rust quickly, and sharpening can be done  properly.
Suitable for artificial ice and natural ice.
The aluminum chassis provides the juvenile skater the opportunity, as the body, time and
technology is ripe for it, to replace the fixed iron for the clap skate .
To this end, only the solid pots to be replaced by Evo a clap- mechanism.
The rear of the fixed frame is provided with a longitudinal slot.
The skate will offer the ability to tailor 1 skate chassis mount with several boot sizes.
This can be an advantage for children in the growth.
This also applies if the skate tube is equipped with a clap- mechanism.
Available in sizes 32 t / m  38.
Fiberglass shell, thermoplastic heel.
Synthetic leather lining.
Skating Tubular 7000 aluminum.
Chromium steel blade.

Thermoplastic skating and roller boots are formed for you in our professional manner.
This service is included in the sales prices indicated.
For this you can then come to our store.
This can be by appointment.
In the evening or on Sunday is also possible, just call 00(31)683238857



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