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 About Zwaan SchaatsenService


Zwaan SchaatsenService operates with great passion for the sport of speedskating.
We make sure that you have access to the best possible speedskating materials.
Speedskating expert Jan Zwaan has extensive knowledge of the material for speedskating competition.
Based on your skating technique, he can advise you on the best speedskating boots and blades so that you are properly prepared for the ice.
With his knowledge he likes to help young talents as well as the avid racer and touring skater.
Bring your speedskates and come to us for service.
Especially when you’re going to skating a race or event.
We check for tension of the springs, for play in the clap mechanism, for the skates to be straight, if desired we tune the skates for a race,
we check the rockering, we sharpen the skates, we look at the position of the boots on the blades and everything necessary.