Viking Eclipse


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Viking 2

Viking Eclipse

The Viking Eclipse is a speedskate in the  starter category with the characteristics of a “pro” skate.
A good blade for the recreational and sporting speedskater for who quality and functionality is a priority.
The blade has a hardness of 62 HRC and therefore keeps its  sharpness longer.
Moreover, the blade has sprint-height which provides superb steering and push and is therefore suitable for fast corners and competition.
The rear cam features an integrated buffer (shock). This mutes the sound of the clapping motion and prevents the cam “sticking” in the bracket.


Height: 40 mm
Material of the profile: HSS Aluminium
Material of the blade: Special steel 62 HRC
Thickness of the blade: 1.1 mm
Mounting of the blade: glued
Finishing: anodized
Sizes: 34 t/m 47


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