Viking Cruiser VC7 boot


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 Viking marathon special buizen

Viking Cruiser VC7 boot

The boot is made of waterproof and durable material.
The thermo insole with aluminum at the bottom and fleece on the top provides comfortable warm feet.
A natural, chemical-free enzyme system regulates odors in lining and insole, and the Fischer Triple F membrane of the boot provides perfect conditions; dry, warm and breathable.
The VC7 is easy to put on and take off, and the special quick release ensures tight and easy to tether without pinched and cold fingers.
The small quick release is designed specifically for elite sport and  you do not feel it.
The specially developed R3 PU outersole is durable, made of wear-resistant material and ensures adequate stiffness in combination with the torque required to push off strong.

The wide under foot also provides additional stability.
A unique aspect of the cruisers is that the sole is close to the skates, falling around the base, and in this way fits very well to the skates.
This is reinforced by the special slots in the sole and upstanding extra grip-edges  on the chassis.

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