Hunter custom made speedskatingsuit


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Hunter custom made speedskatingsuit

The Hunter custom made speedskating suit is based on the dimensions of the skater .
Correct measurements brings a faster speedskatingsuit , this by creation of flatter seams, a better pattern and the right choice of fabrics.
How do we proceed?
Together we define your objectives. Based on these objectives, we make the choice as to how the suit will finally look like.
During this session we choose the model (sprint, long distance or even marathon), the fit (aero dynamic, athletic or comfort) and the appropriate textiles.
Your sizes are meticulously recorded by us. That way you are assured of a tight fit with minimal folds and seams.
With this information we make the design.
After your approval  the suit goes into production. In consultation with you we determine a delivery date.
You will be invited again to fit the suit.



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