Groothuis standard speedskateboot GB17


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Groothuis standard speedskateboot GB17

Besides the famous custom-made speedskate boot Groothuis Orthopedic Shoemaking
developed a high standard speedskate boot.
These boots are made in the same way as the custom speedskate boots.
The quality of the standard boots equals the custom-made speedskate boots.
Further, the boot is provided in one color only.
The color is black with a red zipper.
The carbon shell has a normal hardness giving you an excellent feeling with the ice.
The torque in the boot gives good handling characteristics.
The inner side is coated with Alcantara leather.
For a good fit, the boots are made of an anatomically formed last.
This provides a better fit.
As the boot is fully thermoplastic, the fit of the boot can
optimized for your feet.

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