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EHS ST cups are made from a very hard, solid aluminum alloy.
This produces a short track cup that is very stiff, light and durable.
The thread is resistant to (dis)mounting many times.
The EHS cups are manufactured in the heights -1, 0, + 2, + 3, + 4, + 5, + 6, + 7, + 8, + 9, + 10.

On request you can order angled and anodized cups in special colors

EHS SHort track cups features:

  • Machined from high-quality, extremely hard aluminum.
  • No damage to the cups or its screw-thread with frequent assembly and disassembly of the tubes.
  • The small grooves on the top are to prevent the shoe from sliding relative to the cups.
  • Marks to determine the exact position in relation to the shoe.
  • EHS cups are include blade mounting screws
  • Fits on all EHS blades and all Dutch made EVO blades

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