Dito Diaprof-Plus diamant grinding plate


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Dito Diaprof-Plus diamant grinding plate

The Diaprof-Plus diamond grinding plate is provided at 2 sides with galvanically bonded diamond sheets according to an industry-proven pattern.
The aluminum plate has a dimension of 200 x 75 x 10 mm, the diamond sheets 75 x 75 mm.
Each side has a different fineness.
The plates are 100% flat!

The fineness is indicated by a number where No. 1 represents the coarse grain and No. 4 the finest grain.

No. 1 = 325 mesh similar to 55 micron diamond grain
No. 2 = 400 mesh similar to 40 micron diamond grain
No. 3 = 800 mesh similar to 20 micron diamond grain
No. 4 = 1500 mesh similar to 9 micron diamond grain

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