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The EHS QCS is one of the showpieces in the EHS short track collection and very popular among many ladies.
Made from the unrivaled high-quality trusted aluminum tube material and fitted with superior sleek blades.

CS stands for Campbell Speed, the company of former gold medalist at the Olympics and the designer of the EHS ACS.

The QCS is the medium flex variant of the four EHS top tubes.


The main feature of these short track blades is the lighter steering.
Popular among many ladies, including the world record holder in the 500m ladies.
Anodized in the recognizable red color of the top segment of EHS skates.
The bend stripes on the tube make it easy to choose a position during bending of the tube.


Milled from high-quality, extremely hard aluminum.
No damage to the cups due to frequent mounting and dismounting of the tubes.
Ribbed upper side to prevent slipping of the boot relative to the cups.
Markings to determine the exact position relative to the boot.
Cups available in heights -1, 0,+2,+3,+4,+5,+6,+7,+8,+9 en +10


The skate can be supplied with a full PM blade or a Bi-metal blade.
Hardenable to 66 hrc Rockwell.
Both types of blades are flat grinded very carefully.
Top quality blades!


Available from 15.0 to 18.0 inch.
With full PM or Bi-metal blades.
The PM blads are extra stiff and the Bi-metal blades are more flexible and tougher in structure.

Additional information

blade size

15,5 “, 16,0 “, 16,5″, 17,0″, 17,5″, 18,0″, 15,0"

cups height

+10, +2, +4, +5, +6, +7, +8, +9, 0

blade material

Bi Metal, PM


5.5-6.5-7.5-10-8.5-7.5-6.5, 7-10-7, 8-9-7, no rockering, 9, 10

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